We are more akin to a revamping of Dave Castro’s “ranch” than an urban box that requires running in city streets. A tranquil, relaxing setting that is still in the heart of the city (just two miles from HEB), we are situated on 20 beautiful acres of private land. As a result, CFFS offers a variety of non-traditional extras:

  • A beautiful and brand new 5000-square-foot building designed and constructed for this exact purpose. All the features were imagined and executed with a CrossFitter in mind.

  • Meandering, shaded running paths carved out of a forest boasts a designated “black diamond” hill for ultra cardio and muscular involvement.
  • An obstacle course with Spartan-trained coaches and state-of-the-art Rogue equipment.
  • A large, separate room equipped for personal training sessions, yoga or classes/seminars.
  • A separate room for the kiddos chock full of fun and healthy entertainment.
  • An informal track that allows for easy running but also offers a view of grazing cows and goats.
  • A balance of the rough-and-tumble aspects of CrossFit with options for accommodating life’s needs (e.g. free towel service for workouts and showers, free high-quality coffee for the roosters, lots of fun swag).
  • A separate structure with fire pit for entertainment purposes, hanging out, grilling out, and coming together.
  • An emphasis on bringing new information, speakers, and events to you.


  • Bodywork sessions: on-site sports massage to help with range of motion and muscle recovery. And just to feel good.
  • Nutritional classes: we are in the process of organizing classes and seminars for greater nutritional awareness, but we will also offer customized meal plans and on-site cooking classes with our nutritionist to put your learning into action.
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Teens
  • Select obstacles will be situated throughout the property’s forested area to offer an obstacle course integrated with nature.
  • Connection with local vendors to offer the highest quality meat and fruits/vegetables.


Lesley McArron
Lesley McArronOwner
Maya Burazer
Maya BurazerCo-Owner
Kate Shafer
Kate ShaferHead Coach
  • CF L-1
  • CF Gymnastics
  • ISSA Personal Trainer
Sarah Thomas
Sarah ThomasCoach
  • CF L-1
  • CF Olympic Weightlifting (September)
Blake Shafer
Blake ShaferCoach
  • CF L-1
  • CF Gymnastics
  • Spartan SGX coach
Patrick Thomas
Patrick ThomasCoach
  • CF L-1
  • CF Olympic Weightlifting (September)
Tammy Moorehead Reeves
Tammy Moorehead ReevesYoga & Fitness Coach


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