These are hour-long classes that incorporate Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning (getting that heart rate up!). Each day’s class is different, but they all contain a group warm-up, strength and skill development, and a WOD (workout of the day). These classes form the basis of our programming and they work for all types of goals and all levels of fitness. Their varied nature keeps it interesting and also creates a well-rounded fitness foundation. There is personalized coaching throughout the class to enhance training and to monitor safety/intensity. For ages 14+.


The True North yoga schedule includes Trapeze, Vinyasa, Power, Deep Stretch & Flow, and Yin Yoga. Having found remarkable improvements in mobility, strength, breathing, focus and flexibility for our CFFS athletes, True North is a natural extension of those offerings for every age and type of athlete. Come see our brand new wellness center! We offer a yoga-only membership for $60/month. You do not need a full CrossFit membership to attend unlimited yoga classes; however, with a CrossFit membership, yoga classes are included.


Incorporating HIIT methodology and using body weight and lightweight/resistance training, this workout class offers a 30- to 45-minute heart-pumping workout with warm-up and cool-down sessions on each side. Much of the focus remains on functional movements that help with activities inside and outside the gym.


All of our trainers offer one-on-one personal training. Very small groups can also be coordinated, if preferable. Whether you want additional individualized attention or instruction on specific movements, this component helps many members reach their fitness goals more quickly.


This time allows members to participate in a general, self-directed WOD with access to coaching instruction. It also provides a time to work on specific skill work or lifting. A coach is always available to help with movements and technique.


We offer Spartan-certified coaches and an obstacle course on the premises to help you become physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race (or to extend the depth and breadth of your training for any fitness goal). This training program embodies some of CrossFIt’s core tenets, which focuses on whole-body functional fitness through varied and progressive exercises and a belief in the power of nutrition and other lifestyle factors in successful training and overall adaptability to life’s challenges.


Members who are new to CrossFit complete this 4-session Foundations Course. This is a dedicated time for teaching beginners (or those who would like additional education) the basic mechanics and movements needed to perform proficiently in standard classes. In these sessions members will learn the “why” behind our programs and some strategies/tools for success. It allows members to feel better equipped, less intimidated and far less likely to get injured. Each class is limited to one or two members to create a highly customized and comfortable experience.

These sessions are set up to flow like our standard classes do. We will go over the basic skills for the day and finish off the session with a short workout to put the learning into practice.

Exceptions to taking the foundations class include active participation in CrossFit and having been a member of another CF gym for at least three months. If this is the case, we will do a quick review of basic movements and then introduce you to our community and the WOD! If a Foundations coach feels like a member might benefit from additional training, we will discuss one-on-one training prior to (or instead of, if desired) joining standard classes.


If you are new to CrossFit, you are likely wondering how this whole thing works. We offer this engaging introductory course to make sure you walk into your first full workout feeling confident and knowledgeable. You’ll get all of your questions answered and get your heart rate up a little too! You’ll know how to execute the fundamental lifts and exercises, how to warm up and cool down effectively, what all those acronyms stand for, basic nutritional recommendations to help you reach your fitness goals faster, and a clearer understanding of what you, personally, want to get out of CrossFit.

More often than not, doing something new is hard. Change is hard. Exercising is hard. Put all those together and CrossFit may seem totally overwhelming or intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. And you don’t have to go it alone. These 4 sessions shed light on how and why this process works, so you can start seeing and feeling changes you didn’t think were possible.

CrossFit officially describes its philosophy as constantly varied, functional movement, done at a relatively high intensity. A simpler description: as a group we participate in a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and higher intensity workouts in endlessly creative (but also strategic) ways. We are invested in each individual finding his or her optimal health and happiness.
Anyone who is new to CrossFit should take Foundations. We have found unequivocally that this approach – a smaller group setting with personalized education and feedback – is the most helpful and rewarding way to begin CrossFit.

If you have taken a comparable course at another CrossFit box and/or were a CrossFit member for 3 months or more, you can jump into other classes without the Foundations course. However, even for a more practiced CrossFit athlete, we have set up each Foundations session to have valuable information that can enhance any athlete’s experience at CFFS.

Foundations costs $140 (for ACH autodraft) or $150 (credit card), just as a month of membership does. If you finish your 4 sessions before the end of the month, you can take any classes you want for the remainder of the month. You would begin your official membership 30 days after your first Foundations session and stay at that same monthly rate going forward.

There is no contract. We believe in CrossFit and the community here at CFFS. It does not help anyone for you to come (or be paying to come), if you do not feel that CrossFit or CFFS is a good fit. Therefore, we have no annual contract. We only ask that you let us know by the 15th of the month if you plan to cancel your membership.

Each Foundations class will feel like a traditional CrossFit class. An hour-long session begins with a quick check-in with everyone, directed stretching to get the body warm and flexible, and then we will work on a specific skill. We will spend most of our time learning the skill until everyone is comfortable and then we’ll do a short workout. The most intense part of the work out lasts, on average, 12 minutes.

No special attire is necessary. Just wear something comfortable and flexible that can handle some sweat. We will gladly help if you are interested in CrossFit specific clothes or accessories, but they are not needed.

CrossFit is for everyone. We want to dispel any myth that it is only for the ultra-fit or those training for The Open. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every skill or workout we teach is designed to accommodate different abilities, ages, pre-existing injuries, and even most chronic health conditions.

Another benefit of the Foundations course is identifying your goals and what you hope to get out of CrossFit. This includes discussing any and all medical considerations and potential limitations and creating a unique plan just for you.

The bottom line is that CrossFit can be implemented in countless ways. We found a way that works and we want to share. We’re here to make it simple and straightforward for you.

In a word, no. You can hurt yourself getting groceries out of a car or picking up a toy from the floor if your approach is problematic. In fact, the methods we teach in all of our classes make is less likely that you will experience these seemingly random injuries or pains elsewhere because your strength, form and balance will all improve through CrossFit.

One of the reasons we feel strongly about the Foundations course is that it teaches good form and understanding of the movements. It is also why we make sure that you have well-trained coaches focused on your movements and safety, as well as specific warm-up and cool-down exercises to maximize overall health and wellbeing.

Excellent! We can’t wait to meet you and get started. We want to emphasize again that you do not have to know a single thing about CrossFit or be in shape or even believe that CrossFit is something you definitely want to do. But finding out more information costs you only a little time and it can provide you with lifelong dividends of health, community, and strength of mind and body.

Monthly rate: $140 (ACH autodraft) or $150 (credit card). The 4 Foundations sessions are included. To get started, send us a quick note at [email protected] or click below. We will get back with you immediately to schedule a time that works for you!

The first month would be $140 (ACH autodraft) or $150 (credit card) per person, but there are typically discounts for couples and families. We will work together to get the greatest cost-savings for you. There is no annual contract.


Taking the first step can be overwhelming. Let us help you!