The true magic of CrossFit is that when you’re trusting the process and showing up regularly, something else happens…your mindset begins to shift. There is no simple way to adequately capture this shift, so here are specific examples of what every CrossFitter reports. CFFS is not a scary place. You don’t have to be in shape or experienced at all. You just have to be brave enough to cross the threshold. Your future self will thank you.

review1-compressor “I was totally resigned to live the same life I had been living forever. Now I’ve been able to take risks at work and in my personal life. I’m not as passive anymore.”

review1-compressor “I have a spring in my step. My posture is different. Even my co-workers noticed.”

review1-compressor “Every day I make small decisions here and there that are just a tiny bit better than the day before and now big things are happening. And somehow life seems more manageable.”

review1-compressor “Thinking about food or planning dinner was a nightmare for me. Now that I have a better idea about nutrition, just the act of thinking about what I put into my body feels good…it’s like a show of respect for myself, even if I don’t always make the right decision.”

review1-compressor “It sounds stupid, but I’ve been wanting to reorganize and paint my garage, but it felt too big. I got stuck. It wasn’t really about needing more energy to do it, it was about inspiring myself to do it because I knew I could and because I knew it would make me feel good about myself. And it did.”

review1-compressor “I smile pretty much all the time. I’ve been able to channel my anxious energy into something positive. Instead of hitting the same old happy hour or flopping on my couch to watch TV, now I find myself meeting friends at the gym! I never would have believed this.”

review1-compressor “I feel more patient with my kids and I’m more present and active with them.”

review1-compressor “It’s embarrassing to say, but I used to quit everything I started. I couldn’t seem to keep it together. Now I feel more focused and would even describe myself as disciplined!”

review1-compressor “Not only do I not dread getting out of bed each morning, I look forward to the day…especially when I know I’m going to CrossFit.”

review1-compressor “My body and energy have improved so quickly. Now I see why nothing happened after half an hour on the stationary bike with a magazine and ear buds in!”

review1-compressor “I feel like a found my tribe. They’re always here for me, inside and outside the gym. That’s huge.”

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